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Tip-top load transporting - Powerpacks for Tipper Trucks

By Vince Bagwell, 07 May 2013 – 0 comment

Load, lift, dump. Sounds straightforward? Filling a huge truck with tonnes of material, moving it, and getting it all back out again? Maybe you've never thought about it before. But think about it now. What is the key component making these trucks work? The answer might be obvious (since we're a hydraulics specialist talking about it) and yes, they're powered by hydraulics!

We actually take this application of our hydraulic systems really seriously. Up until not long ago the construction and transport industries relied on manual labour for loading, unloading, and even just a few hundred years ago relied on man and beast for transporting the stuff, too. If we had to go back to those methods, even for just a day, the world would grind to a halt! We'd all be reaching for our spades and wheelbarrows.

Luckily, a world without hydraulics is not likely to happen any time soon. In fact, hydraulic systems are just getting more powerful and more inventive. Tipper trucks are a pretty standard application. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t inventive things to be done with regards to tipper trucks, too. Side tippers, multiple beds, high or shallow angle raises… And more powerful power units mean more stuff and bigger trucks!

As with everything, there’s efficiency to think about, too. It’s not about the more power the better – being efficient and effective is what business is all about. A neat little secret function of these power units is that while they need to raise the bed, to bring it back down again there’s another method – gravity. With a bit of careful resistance (so the bed doesn’t come crashing down) the hydraulic system utilizes the force of gravity to do the job.

We’ve supplied hundreds of power pack units for tipper trucks, and fitted a fair few, too. Bosch Rexroth units are available off the shelf in 12v and 24v DC, and these are the correct packs for most applications. But there’s always those rare cases when something a bit different is required, which is when our expertise really comes to the fore!

Tipper trucks might be a typical application for hydraulic systems, but as with anything, if it’s worth doing then it’s worth doing right. For a quality, efficient, and dependable solution choose our Bosch Rexroth unit, and if you’ve got any questions speak to us – the experts.

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