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Modular Elements

Modular Elements
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N96 G386095000 R932001173
Bosch Rexroth  N96 G386095000 R932001173

Modular Block with 3/8" BSP P & T Ports

Product code:  5029
From £27.60  (ex VAT)
N163 G386163000 R932001259
Bosch Rexroth  N163 G386163000 R932001259

Modular Block with 1/2" BSP P & T Ports

Product code:  5029A
From £95.10  (ex VAT)
N14 G386013A20
Bosch Rexroth  N14 G386013A20

Modular Block for Cetop 3 Valves with Pilot Operated Check on A

Product code:  5019
From £213.31  (ex VAT)
N13 G386012A20
Bosch Rexroth  N13 G386012A20

Modular Block for Cetop 3 Valves with Pilot Operated Check on B

Product code:  5021
From £140.73  (ex VAT)
N12 G386011A20 R932001066
Bosch Rexroth  N12 G386011A20 R932001066

Modular Block for Cetop 3 Valves with Pilot Operated Check on A & B

Product code:  5023
From £113.06  (ex VAT)
N09 G386010000 R932001058
Bosch Rexroth  N09 G386010000 R932001058

Modular Spacing Block 18mm Width

Product code:  5032
From £16.31  (ex VAT)
N03 G386002020 R932001011
Bosch Rexroth  N03 G386002020 R932001011

Modular Block for Cetop 3 Valves

Product code:  5020
From £40.80  (ex VAT)
N01 G386001000 R932001005
Bosch Rexroth  N01 G386001000 R932001005

Modular Spacing Block 39mm Width

Product code:  5022
From £24.27  (ex VAT)
N116 G386116010 R932001214
Bosch Rexroth  N116 G386116010 R932001214

Modular Block with 20 Micron Filter on the Return Line

Product code:  5026
From £39.39  (ex VAT)
N128 G3861280000 R932001241
Bosch Rexroth  N128 G3861280000 R932001241

Modular Spacer Block with 2 x 1/8" BSP Ports for Pressure Switches & 2 x 1/4" BSP Ports for Pressure Gauges

Product code:  5031
From £83.74  (ex VAT)
N39-25 G386038010 R932001123

Modular Block with 25 Micron Filter on the Pressure Line

Product code:  5034
From £183.68  (ex VAT)
N37 G386036030 R932001120
Bosch Rexroth  N37 G386036030 R932001120

Modular Block for Cetop 5 Valves

Product code:  5027
From £129.29  (ex VAT)
Out of stock
N26 G386025000
Bosch Rexroth  N26 G386025000

Modular Block for 90 Degree Horizontal Mounting on the Tank Side

Product code:  5033
From £59.53  (ex VAT)
N22 K250182000 R932002456
Bosch Rexroth  N22 K250182000 R932002456

Modular Block with 6cc Hand Pump with 450mm Lever

Product code:  5035
From £411.85  (ex VAT)
N15 G386163000 R932001259
Bosch Rexroth  N15 G386163000 R932001259

Modular Block for 90 Degree Horizontal Mounting on the Motor Side

Product code:  5030
From £111.91  (ex VAT)
N201 G386201000 R932001294
Bosch Rexroth  N201 G386201000 R932001294

Modular Spacing Block 27mm Width & 1/4" BSP Pressure Port

Product code:  5021A
From £46.07  (ex VAT)
V62 G386563020
Bosch Rexroth  V62 G386563020

Modular Block with 4 Way 3 Position Spool Valve (A, B to T, P Blocked when De-energised)

Product code:  MF1009
From £235.74  (ex VAT)
V61 G386562020
Bosch Rexroth  V61 G386562020

Modular Block with 4 Way 3 Position Spool Valve (All Ports Closed when De-energised)

Product code:  MF1004
From £235.74  (ex VAT)
V02 K3270S2423 + OD150518DP0000

Modular Block with Normally Closed Cartidge Lowering Valve

Product code:  MF1000
From £141.67  (ex VAT)
N233 G386233000 R932001347
Bosch Rexroth  N233 G386233000 R932001347

Modular Block with 1/2" BSP Tank Port & 1/4" BSP Pressure Gauge Port

Product code:  5018
From £68.73  (ex VAT)
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