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Filler Breathers

Filler Breathers

Oil fillers with air breather caps from our OMT range serve two purposes which are important on hydraulic installations, they permit easy oil filling of the installation and they avoid the introduction of large dirty particles or objects into the tank and also they filter and clean the exchange of air between tank and outside ambiance when there are flow variations.

The chrome plated steel bayonet filler breathers are fully equipped with gaskets, fixing screws and a steel basket for TR-1 and TM-478, The basket is made from thermoplastic material for the TR-2 and TRV2-035. We also have available an adaptor which is suitable for mounting filler type TR on vertical sloping walls which are made from aluminium and fully equipped with screws and gaskets in flexoid.

If you need any technical information such as dimensions then please view the PDF datasheet at the bottom of this page, alternatively you can telephone our sales office on 01706 378625 or contact us online should you need any further help choosing the correct parts for your application or if you have any special requirements. Please note our Minimum Order Value is £25

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TR-1 (0702)
OMT  TR-1 (0702)

52mm Diameter 3 Hole Oil Filler with Air Breather Cap

40 Micron Sponge with 66mm Length Steel Basket

Product code:  0702
From £8.43  (ex VAT)
TR-2 (0704)

83mm Diameter 6 Hole Oil Filler with Air Breather Cap

40 Micron Sponge with 95mm Thermoplastic Basket

Product code:  0704
From £10.07  (ex VAT)
TM-478-G78 (0705)

83mm Diameter 6 Hole Oil Filler with Air Breather Cap

40 Micron Sponge with 78mm Length Metal Basket

Product code:  0705
From £11.41  (ex VAT)
TM-478-G150 (0706A)

83mm Diameter 6 Hole Oil Filler with Air Breather Cap

40 Micron Sponge with 150mm Length Metal Basket

Product code:  0706A
From £14.04  (ex VAT)
TRV-2-035 (0704B)

83mm Diameter 6 Hole Oil Filler with Pressurised Air Breather Cap

40 Micron Sponge with 94mm Length Plastic Basket

Product code:  0704B
From £26.43  (ex VAT)
TRM-2-34 (0704C)

Air Breather Cap with 3/4" BSP Male Thread

40 Micron Sponge / 75mm Diameter Cap

Product code:  0704C
From £7.52  (ex VAT)
PT-A (0706B)

Angled Raking Adaptor for TR2 & TM478 Filler Breathers

40 Degree Angle with 6 Mounting Holes

Product code:  0706B
From £20.11  (ex VAT)

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