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Logistics and Loading Bay Equipment

Scissor lift systems

We can supply scissor lifts that will lift products in a vertical movement, as opposed to a conveyor system.

These systems can involve bespoke elements such as lip flaps on the side if you require a system that grants access over a threshold.

We also design and supply hydraulic power unit modules, special-purpose valve blocks and cartridges, and cylinders so can handle any unique requirements.

Livestock lorries

We design and supply numerous systems for livestock lorries and their manufacturers.

Using DC motors up to 3kW in power we can perform safe and humane sectioning of animals within the vehicle and define compartments for transport during loading. W can also provide safe and functional access ramps for loading and unloading.

Different vehicles and livestock require different systems, so we offer expert advice and full guidance on our bespoke hydraulic solutions. Power units are assembled at our facility and our valves and cylinders have been sourced to work in conjunction with our other products, thus enabling us to design and supply the most effective system for you.

Dock leveller systems

We are the UK's major supplier of Dock Leveller units.

Two versions are available, swing lip and sliding deck. We provide circuit drawings and technical help for both models.

Swing Lip

The swing lip version lifts the main platform on a single acting circuit, this then pressurises and moves a shuttle valve in a specifically designed block, which then directs the oil to the lip, which can be either single-acting or double-acting. The platform then lowers onto the back of the vehicle and loading can begin. Movement of the platform when engaged can be allowed by permanently energising the float coil. These systems are very adaptable, and we provide advice and assistance to meet any design requirements.

Sliding Deck

The sliding deck version acts in a similar way to the swing lip version. The main deck performs a lift and then the inner deck slides out by means of a double-acting circuit. The sliding deck positions at the vehicle rear and loading and unloading can begin. These systems are highly adaptable, and can effectively carry out a wide range of functions.

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