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Wheelchair Lifts and Disability Devices

Drive from your wheelchair

Access to a vehicle for a wheelchair user requires more than just a ramp. We can design systems incorporating a Bosch Rexroth hydraulic power unit, advanced circuitry and pressure transducers which will evaluate and react to the pressures on and movements of the vehicles during access. These sensitive systems are effective and, above all, safe to use.

Bath lifts for hospitals and care homes

Our various bath systems will either lift or lower the bath, position a chair within the bath, lower a user in and raise them out of the bath or perform a variety of other movements. We can advise on which is most suitable for you. We use a range of Bosch Rexroth mini hydraulic power packs and specialist cylinders and can design and supply systems suitable for both AC and DC power sources.

Carrier vehicle access ramps

These are not limited to ambulances or disability transport vehicles, and we can adapt many different vehicles to allow access at the rear and at the side for beds, wheelchairs, and other mobility devices. Our ramps can extend, raise and lower depending on the application.

Home lifts

We can design and supply standard, vertical-type home lifts for most homes and apartments with both chairs and wheelchair-user platforms. Depending on your mobility requirements our systems will vary, and we'll give you advice on what will be best for you.

Here to help

No matter how bespoke your project, talk to our experts and tell us what you need.

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