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Mikrospin delivers a quieter refuse collection

We’ve all been woken up by the bin men as they journey through the streets collecting our rubbish. Most refuse vehicles favour using a hydraulic powerpack instead of an engine PTO and pump design to tip and compact the rubbish. This service requires the refuse truck to be stationary as it needs high revs from the engine to power the unit. It therefore not only awakens us from our slumbers but also releases more emissions into the atmosphere, in direct contrast to local councils' commitment to recycle and improve their environmentally-friendly credentials.

Involving Mikrospin’s expertise

Mikrospin were invited to a well-known vehicle manufacturer to overcome these challenges by designing a hydraulic contained power unit to replace the traditional engine PTO and pump design. These units are more economical and environmentally friendly both in noise and in the way the power unit works as it is powered by 24v DC batteries as opposed to the revs from the engine.

The system is purpose-designed on a special drip tray with anti-vibration mounts which absorbs the vibrations which can be caused by some road surfaces. Its 2.2 kW DC motor is an ideal way to create power and pressure for short periods when lifting, tipping and compacting waste in the rear of the truck.

Another advantage is the minimal noise which the power unit makes compared to the traditional engine and PTO assembly which requires high revs to operate. The power unit, unlike the PTO set up, can also compact whilst moving adding increased efficiency to waste collections and less air pollution on bin collection days.

How does the hydraulic power unit work?

The unit is designed and fitted with several specialised valves and controls all using double-acting solenoid valves. The valves work in parallel and allow several circuits to work together. These circuits all have independent speed and pressure controls to determine each individual service line and also offer load holding facilities adding to the safety of the driver and operators of the vehicle.

Working closely with clients, Mikrospin have delivered a number of bespoke hydraulic systems to the transport and logistics, food, pharmaceutical, farming and mobility industries.

Contact us with your requirements and trust the experts to determine the best solution.

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